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Understanding "Site Not Working"

The most common error we encounter when we browse the internet is the "site not found" or "site not working" error. Every time this appears on my browser, it really irritates me. And I know you feel the same. Sometimes, I would love to throw my computer out the window when this error appears. I can't help but ask myself, why could they not find the site? Even though I have clicked the refresh button a thousand times, the "page not found" error won't just go away. But before we all go cuckoo crazy over this little thing, let us try to understand why such an error occurs. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the "site not found" error, and I'll try hard to answer the questions in the best way I can.

Why does a "site not working" error occur?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very simple problem. You'll regret why you got all nuts with such an error after hearing why it occurs. This is actually quite basic. If you know how to use a computer and you know how to type (of course, these two go together), it will be easy for you to understand such a phenomenon. Why bother losing your head with this error when all you need to do is check the spelling? Yes, the spelling! I told you so. It is too simple it just cracks me up. For example, you want to go to and you accidentally typed, of course the "site not found error" will pop out. I know, I know, slap yourself now. This is too elementary. The basic thing that everybody should learn, know how to spell the websites correctly.

Now, now, it's okay to laugh at your stupid mistakes. It's a good thing that you already know how to solve such problem.

The spelling of the website is correct, what's wrong now?

If you have already triple checked the spelling or even already checked it a hundred times, then the "site not found" error is still there, then there really is something wrong with the site. The site you want to go to has probably been removed from the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, this could really happen. Perhaps the site owner has not paid the required fees for the site to keep on running. Or they might have violated some laws that causes their site to get removed from the internet.

Yes, I know this is kind of heartbreaking for you. But there is nothing else that you could do about this. The only thing that I could tell you now is find another site to visit. I'm pretty sure that there are hundreds of sites out there similar to what you need. You don't have to curl into ball just because the site you want got removed.

And if you know the owner of the site or if you are the owner of site, then it's time to pay the bills my friend.




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