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How To: Domain and etc.

About 90% of the world's population knows how to operate a computer. Computers nowadays are not anymore considered as a luxury but a need. Without them, the world will be paralyzed. And what is the one thing that a computer can't live without? Yes, you guessed it right, the internet. Using the internet is one of the most basic things that a human being can execute. Even toddlers know how to surf in the online world. But if you look deeper and think technically, the internet is a very complicated system. Today, let us start with the most common one, the how to domain.

What is a domain?

A domain is basically a name. This is also known as the domain name. It is consist of textual characters that specify an IP address. The domain name of a website on the internet is very unique. Domain names can be used to find groups, organizations, institutions, businesses and the like on the World Wide Web. It would be best if domain names are kept short and easy to recall. With the use of domain names, you can attract more traffic to your own website. Emails will less likely to bounce. Domain names stay the same even if you change your email address, access providers and the like for several times. In addition, domain names can help you create an impression with people from all over the world.

What led to the usage of domain names?

A long time ago, IP addresses have been used. These are a series of numbers that represent computers on the internet. People need to remember several numbers just to go to a certain website. For example, they need to recall and type This is actually very stressful at that time. In the year 1984, DNS or Domain Name System has been introduced. Instead of remembering numbers, words and phrases can now be used to go to a particular website. And this marks the beginning of exploring the internet without the need to memorize those pesky numbers.

Is a domain name required to have a website?

No, it is not required. But it is highly recommended. For any website on the internet, domain names can help people remember your site well. Moreover, having a domain name makes it easier to be found.

How can somebody else take my registered domain name?

Once your domain name is already registered, no other person can take it as long as you will meet the requirements of your provider. To ensure that your domain name will not be taken by any other individual, your DNS entries should be active. Moreover, fees you incurred with your provider should be paid and will not violate any contract or law. When all of these are met, then no one has the right to use your domain name without permission.

I misspelled my domain name. What shall I do?

Now this is quite tragic. You are not allowed to edit or make any changes with your domain name once you have already registered and purchased it. It is non-refundable. In order to prevent such issue, it is important to be very careful with the spelling, use of words and the like before registration. Be sure to double check, or even triple check the domain name you want. Otherwise, you have to register and purchase a new one.




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    Switch DNS Records to New Host

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  • Assistance Over the Phone

    Assistance Over the Phone

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    Sometimes it's just easier to see what is going on over the phone. Schedule a call with us, we'll help you solve the issue. 15 minute call.

  • Diagnostic


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    If it's broken, we can fix it. We can assess the situation and make professional recommendations to make it right again. Find us on Twitter, FaceBook, Live Chat or Contact us.

  • Standard Domain Transfer Service

    Standard Domain Transfer Service

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